About eHome Network

eHome Network was developed beginning in 2008 to help clients who needed homebuyer education to access high quality content without having to travel to a homeownership counseling agency for classes. We invested significant resources in developing multimedia content, thorough testing, and sophisticated management tools for our agency partners. Word spread quickly and the list of partner agencies grew across the nation.

In 2011 we added eHome Money (now called Money Management) as a 2-3 hour financial literacy course, and in 2012 responding to the foreclosure crisis, we developed eHome Foreclosure (now called Foreclosure Education), a 1.5 hour course to help consumer better understand the foreclosure process.

Advancing the capabilities of agencies to educate their clients without the expense of classroom training was just the beginning. We are working on a powerful client management system that empowers our partners to collect information from clients, track all counseling activity, and report on their data in a variety of ways.

eHome Agency, as it’s called, will seamlessly integrate with eHome America, allowing partners to take a client from education to expanded registration, filling out forms, viewing and signing disclosures and other documents, uploading paperwork, all from the comfort of their computer, tablet or even smart phone.  An action plan is generated, and all information is captured automatically.  Agencies will be able to work with lenders and realtors directly from the CMS to more quickly and efficiently serve their customers.